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BulbGuardian™ Pro

BulbGuardian™ Pro

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Turn your home into a fortress in seconds

Tired of complex installations and bulky security systems?

Introducing the BulbGuardian™ Pro - the future of home security.

This super-portable state-of-the-art security camera screws in like a light bulb to any E27 light fixture, delivering unrivaled peace of mind without the hassle.

UPDATE: Due to going viral on Facebook, our supply will run out very soon. Get yours while you still can!

NO DRILLS OR WIRES REQUIRED: Forget the headaches of drilling and wiring... The BulbGuardian™ Pro screws in effortlessly just like a regular light bulb into any E27 light fixture. You'll have it up and running in minutes - no technical expertise required!

EASY PLAYBACK VIA SD CARD: Relive every moment with ease. The BulbGuardian™ Pro allows convenient playback through the built-in SD card slot, ensuring you never miss a thing and have evidence at your fingertips.

DUAL-BAND TECHNOLOGY: The BulbGuardian™ Pro supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz dual bands, ensuring reliable performance and uninterrupted access from anywhere. Enjoy seamless WiFi connectivity!

360° PANORAMIC VIEW: The BulbGuardian™ Pro provides a full 360° panoramic view, eliminating blind spots and offering complete coverage of your space. Stay in the know like never before!

REMOTE VIEWING IN 1080P: Be where you want, when you want. The BulbGuardian™ Pro lets you remotely view your property live from your smartphone in 1080P Full HD, keeping you connected and informed at all times.

ENHANCED NIGHT VISION: Enjoy protection around the clock. The BulbGuardian™ Pro's advanced night vision ensures clear visibility even in low-light conditions, safeguarding your home day and night.

MOTION SENSING WITH SIREN & ALERTS: The BulbGuardian™ Pro includes motion sensing technology with a built-in siren, activating real-time alerts that let you take action instantly. Detect and deter with confidence!

2-WAY AUDIO COMMUNICATION: Bridge the gap with the BulbGuardian™ Pro's 2-way audio. Speak and listen remotely, whether it's a greeting to visitors or a warning to potential intruders.

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Im so impressed with this camera I will definitely buy another one. Very easy to setup, you can also go to YouTube for setup easier to see the setup. If you’re looking for a camera bulb, do not hesitate, you will not regret it. I woke up in the night to get a snack, it caught me red handed and turned on the light got me while following me if it sees movement. I can’t believe the price for this little 24/7 protection, I just love it, calling it Bubbles 😁

- Nia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love this camera! I had thought about getting a doorbell camera, but this one came up on Facebook, so I checked it out. What I like about this, is it tracks motion and can spin around in all directions so it gets a good view of everything. It can tell when a "human body" comes into frame and will follow the person. It has excellent night vision as well as a feature where it will turn on its light if it detects a "human body." The app is very easy to use and intuitive. I also like that it has the option to add an SD card instead of cloud-only storage, so you don't have to pay a fee for storage if you add the SD card. The picture quality is excellent as well. It has a feature where you can call through the camera, so if someone shows up at your door, you are able to talk to them through the camera! Honestly, this thing is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Debra ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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