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PowerWave Pro

PowerWave Pro

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The Charger That Does It All!

Tired of tangled cables and charging dilemmas? The PowerWave Pro is your ultimate sidekick in the realm of wireless charging. With its smart stereo and Bluetooth speakers, you can serenade yourself to sleep with dreamy white noise. Rise and shine with the sunrise wake-up light, which gradually illuminates your room, coaxing you out of bed. And when night falls, let the dimmable lamp set the perfect mood for your nocturnal adventures. Plus, with superfast wireless charging and a range of protective features, your devices are in safe hands. It's time to charge up, jazz up, and conquer the day!

Built-In Bluetooth Speakers:

The built-in Bluetooth speakers transform your wireless charging stand into a concert hall, lulling you to sleep with soothing white noise. Immerse yourself in a symphony of convenience and entertainment. 

Sunrise Wake-Up Light

Wake up to the gentle crescendo of the sunrise wake-up light. As the light gradually brightens, you'll rise and shine like a pro, ready to conquer the day. No more groggy mornings—just pure, energizing bliss.

Dimmable Bedside Lamp & Alarm Clock

With its dimmable bedside lamp and bedroom alarm clock, this LED wireless charger doubles as your nocturnal companion. Customize your lighting experience and create the perfect ambiance for latenight reading or relaxation.

Fast Wireless Charging

The new upgraded G-type design delivers lightning-fast charging up to 15W, while the safety Qi charger certification ensures your device is protected from overcharging. It's time to experience the future of charging!

Package Includes:

• 1x Multifunctional Wireless Charger

• 1x Adapter

• 1x Instruction Manual

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